Friday, 19 February 2010

Gimme an L....

...Gimme an F, Gimme a W...a press pass, a trizillion glasses of champers, and a month long hangover! Yes it's that time again, LFW is here…let the fun and games commence!

To think that this time last week I was sipping Mosi under the starry African sky, and now I’m in Dalston discussing the merits of Tosho shoes over Rupert Sanderson boots, and playing show ticket Top Trumps with Julia my Fashion Assistant housemate. Gotta say I’m mucho excited this season though (despite the fact it’s like -30 outside and I’m probably gonna catch pneumonia because I can’t afford cabs); I have my blog, my tailor-made Zambian outfits, and an awesome new fringe - so bring it on! I’m planning to hit fashion week hard, so keep tuned for lots of gossip and bitching….sorry, I mean Insider facts and show reports!

I am having a bit of a dilemma re my schedule tomorrow though....well a pair of problems really…

1. The first show I have a ticket for is Charles Anastase show at 10am. To be honest I’m really thinking I can't be fucked. I know I should go, but It's been a beyond long week, I’ve hardly slept through stress and general post-holiday disorientation, and I think I could do with a bit of a lie-in. BUT then feel like a bit of a shit for not going, and Julia's getting up for Daks at 9! They’ve only given me a standing ticket though, so I’m kinda thinking bugger it....

2. I have tickets for the official Alice in Wonderland screening - I’m desperate to see it - it's 3D, Johnny Depp (dreamy dreamy, mmm mmm mmm) is the Mad Hatter, and I think it's just what I need to take my mind of what a ghastly week I’ve just had! The problem is the screenings at 6.15, and it means I’ll miss the Ann-Sofie Back show at 7, which I also really wanna see!

Eek - decisions decisions, what to do - advice, please, now!

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