Wednesday, 13 January 2010


So, I went awol again. What can I say – I’m a busy girl. As ever, I have an excuse - this time I’ve been gallivanting around Switzerland (via Gatwick and Heathrow in one hellish day) with my darling Mother. We were skiing – although what with the recent weather the trip to mainland Europe was frustratingly superfluous. Neither of us had skied before, and once we’d recovered from the humiliation of spending two days in the under-fives winter wonderland we had a fantastic trip. As with Rome I’ve created a picture diary of the trip. Introducing Après-ski-me!

I got bored waiting for the cab to the airport so decided to turn the contents of my hand luggage into a gift guide on the kitchen table. I always carry my jewellery in my hand luggage, because if my case went missing it’s the thing I’d be most sad to loose. Si without the bling is like Dolce without the Gabbanna.

With 6 hours to kill at Heathrow the only thing to do was eat and shop. Mum fell in love with these tortoise shell Chanel sunnies. Sadly at £263 they weren’t a snip so she left empty handed. Oh Chanel – why do you torture us so….

Continuing my too-poor-to-afford-Chanel theme, here I am modelling my cheap-yet-chic Chanel alternative earmuffs (which were an absolute bargain at £12 from ? in Covent Garden), so there Mr Largerfeld!

I decided my Perspex Vivienne Westwood pendant (which I snapped up for virtually nothing at a sample sale last year) was perfect Après-ski fodder. How fantastically it lifts my otherwise all black attire, not to mention compliments my hot chocolate with double Amaretto and cream (the ideal post-slope beverage FYI).

This being my first time on the slopes, and with most of the shops in the resort being ski-centric, I managed not to blow monthly food allowance on clothes. I did however develop a small crush on these gloves (189 CH, by Roekl), and Helmet (498 CH, by Indigo). If I didn’t spend most of my time on the slopes surrounded by toddlers, and on my back, knees or bum, this is what I’d be wearing to show off in.

From the sophisticated slopes of Switzerland to the ghastly gates of Gatwick. You say mean, I say national service. Whoever you are I hope you’re reading this. There is nothing right about this ensemble. Burn it all and start again. Now. Please.
For the rest of you this is how NOT to do the following trends; stone washed denim, ankle boots, sheepskin jackets, colour clashing, checked shirts, layering. See – learning from others mistakes can be fun.

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