Wednesday, 27 January 2010

5 reasons why I LOVE Angel Jackson

It’s not just because I’m kinda obsessed with their crazy, brilliant, pr manager Felicity, and think she might be my soulmate (although I am, and I do), but right now I just wanna blow my entire crappy measly salary on Angel Jackson….here are the 5 reasons why…

1. It’s a Young independent label. When I was younger (and far more naïve and idealistic) I vowed I’d only ever buy clothes from young up-and-coming designers. Then the British High Street got its act together and my money and morals went down the drain. Angel Jackson is that young independent label you’re always hoping to find though – i.e. one that’s actually good. And despite their success Katie and Millie (the sisters behind it all) have remained uncorrupted and stayed true to their dream. Arcadia group go suck on that (except Tosho which I love, eek)!

2. Their Jaguar bags. I have two, and apparently I’m not the only one with a thing for them. French Vogue have just called in a selection of the patent luxor totes, and Anna Trevelyan (aka Gaga’s stylist) loves them too…I’m in good company don’t you recks?

3. They’re Ethical! Yes yes, I know it’s very de jour at the moment, and believe me I don’t usually go in for all this eco/ charity bull, but, Katie and Millie have acheived what I was beginning to think was impossible and created a young, sexy, ethical fashion label that’s not shit, smug or preachy. Hallelujah!

4. Bumbags. I love them, and really am too excited that 2010 is the year of their triumphant return. Mark my words, by 2011 you’ll all be wondering how you ever lived without one (or 8). I can’t wait to start freeing my hands and shoulders and putting my hips to good use once more, and these beauts are top of my bumming list. Oooh yeah!

5. Felicity. Ok, I know I said it wasn’t about her, but what can I say – I warned you I was a little obsessed……

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