Wednesday, 16 December 2009

xx From Roma with LoVe xx

Boys and girls, apologies for going AWOL, but the recent cold snap proved a snap too far for, and I’ve been hibernating under my dressing gown in front of my new Ally McBeal boxset for the best part of a week! Before that I treated myself to a pre-Christmas trip to Rome with my good friend Kim. It was my first time in the holy city, and it didn’t disappoint one bit – in fact, there are no words, so I’ve decided to share with you my Rome in pictures. In between full-fat Cap’s and 12 Euro Ice creams I managed to snap the best and worst dressed, most beautiful sights (old and new)…and oddest trends – I hope you enjoy!
Ciao ciao fa now beautiful people xx

….now where’s that 3rd series disk at…..?

I snapped this lovely lady outside the Vatican, and I just think she's the ultimate in Continental Chic. From the top of her Moncler coat (an item always hovering near the top of my lust-ooh-meter); to the bottom of her perfect, patent boots, this is a master-class in style, and everything I aspire too. The Satorialist – watch your back!

And just behind her was this. There are no words….except – wearing all one colour does not a stylish outfit make!*
*unless that colour’s black. End of.

Despite taking over 100 photos’ this is the only one where I don’t look like an anaemic Christmas pudding. I would like to say I was wishing for world peace, but I think we all know that look on my expression has ‘I want Chanel earmuffs’ written all over it.

Forget Bond Street, that Via Borgognona is THE ULTIMATE (very wealthy) shopaholics dream. If like me, you’re broke as a chair with 3 legs then you can simply gave longingly at the beautiful window displays. Louis Vuitton (above) won 1st prize for best window display – I LoVe. And Fendi (below) win for best festive effort. Good work chaps!

So – strange trends. Sadly I only managed to snap two examples, but it seems the Italians have taken to pimping their dogs. There was hardly a pooch in Rome not dolled up to the nines and working the streets like a dogwalk. Above we have a Paris Hilton-alike (a bit passé if you ask me), while below we have a real biker rock-chick trendsetter….Grrrrr.

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