Saturday, 19 December 2009

Double sequins and a WAGS day out…

I got in the Christmas spirit on Thursday by indulging in a bit of double sequins. Yes, yes, I know I said sequins were dead to me a couple of weeks ago, but in the words of Bobby Brown and Britney (and who wouldn’t live by their oh-so-wise words) It’s My Prerogative! Anyway, if you read my sequin post carefully you’ll see that what I’m really saying is that what is needed is a new way to wear them (yeah yeah, back track, back track), and this I tell you is it! Ever since Sophie from Fashion rocked double sequins (FYI black harem pants and blazer) at the office Christmas party I’ve been slightly pre-occupied with how I’d jump on the bandwagon. It’s just pure brilliance, and totally subversive – I mean, it really shouldn’t work. As usual I took it a step further and also mixed colours and patterns; the reason it works though is down to accompaniments – the washed out denim shirt and trusty biker boots tone the whole look down, and add that bit of edge. Basically they say “I know I’m decked out like a friggin Christmas tree, but I don’t give a fuck”. Ace!
A night of seasonal heavy drinking was followed by a leisurely day of WAGging (i.e. self-indulgent vanity based activities – in my case a cut and colour followed by a spray tan). As usual I tried to dress for the occasion – and you can see me above braving the cold to pose in the snow post-pampering. I tried to keep it trad-WAG in American Apparel harem pants, customised rock-T, and Uggs – Wagalicious indeed! Hair wise I’ve somehow ended up going a bit ginge – how very 2009 of me! I have to say I never saw it coming and am still a bit shocked and confused by my new minority status. I was very lucky to be worked on by the lovely and very talented Indira Schauwecker (who did the chopping), and Lynsey Ashton (who did the ginge-ing) – both members of Toni&Guy’s innovative and totally fantastic Artistic team. With my newly coloured and tousled mane I then trotted off to see The Cap-Tan (as I like to call him) James Reed for a spot of winter tanning. La Reed bronzes the buttocks of everyone from Paris to Gaga to Hollywood A-listers, so I’m always flattered and honoured when he finds time to give me the quick once over. Sadly he’s far too tight-lipped and professional to spill the beans on his more illustrious clients, but boy, what sights those eyes must have seen! Annoyingly he’s also one of those people who gets more fabulous and successful every time I see him. Not only has he recently taken up residence at the rather swanky Sanderson (embarrassingly I had some sort of mental block and waltzed into the St. Martin’s lane hotel demanding to see him – the shame!), but he’s also just launched his genius website – – where The Satorialist meets St. Tropez – what fun!

After all this primping and preening I woke up this morning I felt like a new girl. I find there’s nothing like an image over-haul to bring out my social side – let the party season begin!

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