Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pure Grooving

This is me doing my very best concave model posing at a friends 30th at Pure Grooves last night. I wore my new fave outfit of black leggings, black baggy wife-beater, Miss Selfridge statement-shoulder jacket, and lots of black eyeliner. I used to wear all black a lot, but then got pestered out of it by friends at uni, and have tried to stay away from it for the past few years. I’ve recently re-discovered it though, and have to say I’ve fallen hard. There’s something really powerful about wearing all black – it’s like armour, not to mention chic and slimming, and the more I do it the more I love it. I also love the freedom it gives me to play around with accessories. Last night I wore my new parrot earrings which I made by hooking little wooden parrots (which I acquired at a lecture I went to about Guatemala earlier in the week – don’t ask!) and hooked onto a pair of gold plastic studs – good times!

There were loads of girls in cute outfits, but these Agent Provocateur snake hold up’s definitely stole the show. I asked if I could snap a picture for the blog and she (didn’t get a name – what can I say, blame it on the gin) was seriously up for it adding ‘the whole point of wearing tights like this is for attention’ – well that was me told!

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