Wednesday, 11 November 2009

McQ, Minx, and the most fashionable nails ever!

And here they are - fab aren't they! I got them done today at the McQ press day and am utterly besotted. I’ve been desperate to get my nails ‘minxed’ for a couple of months now, and it was well worth the wait. Minx is the new nail craze from where else but the US of A. Basically instead of painting your nails with varnish they just apply a heated strip of film and then shape it round your nail. Not only is it super-quick and easy to do, but there’s none of that pesky waiting around for your nails to dry, they last just as long as nail varnish, and most importantly, because it’s a film you can get loads of crazy patterns and metallics, which as you know is right up my street! Sadly the McQ were specially made for the press day (how super-glam fashwan is that!) so i’m just gonna have to enjoy them while they last. I’m 100% definitely getting multi-coloured neon leopard print next time though!

Talking of leopard print I totally fell in love with this fantastic McQ denim leopard print (noticing a theme?!) biker-esque jacket at the press day. It’s properly high-end trash-tastic (the best type of trash fyi – Lanvin neon leopard print = case in point), and apparently everyone was going mad for it (although that could have just been the pr trying to be nice)! Either way I don’t care because I think it’s perfect – this picture doesn’t even do it justice (it would look much better on me than this ‘interesting’ looking model)! It’s shot straight to the top of my lust-ooh-meter this week - I’m thinking it’s scoring about a 7.5 – mmm mmm mmm indeed!

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  1. Really nice nails. I have made a german tutorial for leopard nails