Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sequins – A cautionary tale

I just popped into Primark (yes I shop there, no I’m not ashamed), and I have to say I’m rather upset. The problem was there were sequins everywhere – on t-shirts and skirts, blazers and berets– even harem pants. Now it’s not really Primarks fault at all – I’ve brought a number of sequined treats from there myself. It’s the popularisation and democratisation of sequins in general that’s got me in such a state – Primark just confirmed my worst suspicion – they’ve become pedestrian!

You see anyone who knows me knows that I love a sequin – I’m a renowned Magpie, and always have been. I’m also known for my daring (and admittedly sometimes questionable) fashion choices. I hunt out the interesting and unusual – the gaudy knitted jumper; the painfully 80’s jacket; and until recently the drowning-in-sequins pieces. Now however any Tamara, Deidre or Hannah thinks she can rock a sequin, and thus, they’ve lost their power. Gone are the days when sequins marked you out as a fashion maverick – now you just look like a fashion victim (to coin a much over-used phrase) – and I’m pissed! More than pissed – I’m furious.

Prime example: This weekend I have a good friend’s birthday party, and we’ve been told we all have to wear sequins. Well I for one resent it. This time last year everyone would have been happy in a nice cotton-mix dress. I would have shown up in my glitter, everyone would have oohed, aahed, and marvelled at my sartorial bravery, and the world would have continued turning. Now however all the plain Janes and boring Brendas will be sequined-up, and the only way for me to stand out is to drop 2 dress sizes in 2 days and turn up in nipple tassels and a sequined thong (and yes, I’m seriously considering this option). When I brought my Ashish for Topshop sequined hoodie last year it was the talk of the town. No one (not least the lovely fashion assistant who leant me her Tosho discount to make it halfway affordable) could believe I’d made such an outrageous and outlandish purchase, I got a million you’ll never wear it’s, and it’s so you’s. For me it wasn’t even a question though – it was total love at first sight. It’s all in the details you see – the generously sized sequins; the way they’re only sewn at one corner so there’s movement, and most importantly the sequined hood – utter bliss! Now though Primark do their own version, so your local pram-faced teen tearaway will be wearing one to sit on the wall outside the offie on a Saturday night – fab!

The worst thing is that I know there’s no turning back. The sequin has sold out. They’ve traded their cool cult status for the money, the hunnies, and a Christmas number 1. Well, I just hope they’re happy with their choice. I for one am off in search of a new lover to fulfil my magpie needs –because for me at least sequins have lost their sparkle.

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