Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nicole Farhi AW11 press day

My first stop on the Press day circuit was the fashion institution that is Nicole Farhi. As ever her collection's were effortlessly smart and sleek. Here are my stand-out pieces.

The breathtakingly light and airy Nicole Farhi studio. The glass roof made it feel like you were in one of the atriums at Kew. The team made great use of the space, and I thought the central display was wonderfully striking.

I really loved the use of texture in Nicole Farhi's mainline collection, and thought this twist on a classic black jacket was great.

The colour palette was 99% monochrome, so I was really drawn to this deep purple dress, and again love the play on textures. If only I were 6inches or so taller....

Gorgeous classic camel coat perfection...

Slight obsession with this reversible coat. Yes you heard me right - a Nicole Farhi reversible coat...yeah....want...no seriously - it's too fabulous - I mean how best of the '80's flashback is that!

Black and gold cuff. Can't go wrong. Absolute classic wardrobe staple.

Super-snug fur-lined booties. The soft grey suede is particularly yummy, although obvs the black leather would be far more practical. Boo.

I've recently decided to try and pay more attention to boys fashion, so also had a look round the men's collection, and slightly feel in love with 'The Nicole Farhi Man'. If anyone knows one, please send him my way. Ta.

Admittedly not for every man, but thought this leather braided cardigan was rather ingenious.

This embossed cable knit jumper is officially my favourite men's jumper of all time ever. It's clever and simple and smart and casual all at once, and is exactly what mens fashion should be. LOVE.

Clever, practical AND stylish multi-layered detachable-hooded many-pocketed coat. See men, practical and stylish can exist together!


  1. Thanks for the review - I'm swotting up on monochrome for AW11 so amazing to find your blog and overview of Nicole Farhi!

    Sadie x


  2. hii. would you know where i can buy those nicole farhi fur lined booties?
    if they are still in stores?