Tuesday, 29 March 2011

IPR AW11 press day

A short jaunt on that super-handy shiny new Orange tube line (which I'm totes loving right now) and I was in IPR's NY-esque studio.

For those who didn't believe me (when I said that IPR had an ever-expanding client list a couple of posts ago) - check this out. Congrats to the IPR team, who seem to have doubled their clients since last season - good work!

Here are some snaps from my fave collections...

Rachael Ruddick
Speaking of new clients - I was really impressed with their new Aussie accessories client Rachael Ruddick.

Not one for the PETA crew, she specialises in exotic skins, and I was very taken with this Onyx Sting Ray clutch. The texture was incredible.

Fantastic cuffs.

Eudon Choi
Eudon Choi is one of my absolute FAVOURITE young British (although he's actually Korean) designers right now. Since seeing this coat at the LFW exhibition I've literally thought about it every day, and it's currently topping my dream AW11 coat list. Below are two more coats from his Equestrian inspired AW11 collection...

Danielle Scutt
Totes rad fishnet trousers - not for the faint-hearted fashion right here people.

I have to say that I'm not sure if this gold dress is even a bit too much for me...
....no, on second thoughts it's obviously utterly fabulous. Phew.

Wonderfully surreal Danielle Scutt for Freedom at Topshop earrings, which I'm obviously massively hearting. Not sure if they're meant to say something Catchphrase stylee....Ear hand tea lippie....hhhmmm...

Julian J Smith
Rather Grace Jonesey fabulousness I thought.

RJS by Richard Sorger
Ethereal sheer jellyfish print top. Beautiful.

Yang Du

'Classic' Yang Du - slightly ridiculous yet utterly appealing fashion fun. Apparently Barney's in NY have asked her to create a kids collection for them - how cute is that gonna be!!


The Yang Du antithesis. Painfully chic Parisian design, aka. The Fashion Editor's dream.

I thought this jacket was fantastic, and really different to anything else I've seen this season. Would look very West-London chic with a pair or skinnies and a simple white-tee.

Subtle and cute lady-print dress (look really closely).

The glasses label, which recently expanded into sunnies has now started doing swimwear too, and with great success I thought. Great matchy matchy simple and understated beach looks.

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