Tuesday, 22 March 2011

LFW AW11 shows: Ones to Watch

My absolute favourite show on the first day, without a shadow of a doubt, was Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch - and not just because I was front row either. You see it's all well and good going to see established desingers, but there's something toe-tingly exciting about taking a seat to see the work of a designer you've never even heard of before. Ones to Watch showcased 4 up-and-coming desingers, or should I say 4 extremely talented big-names-of-the-future. Tamara and I were both blown away by what we saw - I hope you'll agree and help me in supporting these brilliant tallents.

Tze Goh

We were in awe of the striking simplicity of Singapore born Tze Goh's designs. With lines this clean and fabrics this plain there really is nowhere to hide. His collection was wonderfully wearable and achingly stylish - in short - WE WANT.

Sara Bro-Jorgensen

Sara only graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010, and is already onto big things. Her collection was definitely the darkest, and in some ways stood out as being the most cool-kid trendy, featuring some truly impractical and hard-to-wear creations.

Anja Mlakar

Anja Mlakar's fresh and structural collection felt very accomplished, and with an almost identical colour-pallette, and very similar use of sheer fabrics to Richard Nicoll's AW11 collection, we're really looking forward to seeing what else she has up her expertly-cut sleeves.

Kirsty Ward

Seeing Kirsty Ward's collection is probably the nearest I've ever been to wanting to run backstage after a show and place a personal order...and there are no prizes for guessing why. It's not a word I use often, but the bling was off the scale. From the redonkulously big statement necklaces, to bangles the size of Saturn's rings, and even pieces of jewellery sewn into dresses and tops - the catwalk shimmered like the night sky! It wasn't just the glitz that caught my eye though - her bold use of sheers and cut-outs made for a strong, confident and very exciting collection. Yes, it's safe to say, I heart Kirsty Ward.

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