Sunday, 5 September 2010

Birthday wishes and chilli kisses

Today is my bestestestestestestest (to infinity) friend Stephi's birthday - I've known her since I was 3 (which rather horrifyingly is 24 years now), and we now hold so many secrets we can't ever fall out. This also happens to be her very last Birthday as a Miss. She's back to back with weddings this summer (she says she knows all the couples, but I really fear she's become a crazy wedding crasher in her effort to make her nuptials the best ever), so we celebrated on Friday. Above is the birthday gal herself (a couple of cocktails to the wind) pretending to ride the Harley (I may have encouraged this quite a lot). V jealous about her new McQueen jumpsuit which she picked up in Hong Kong last week (yes, her life is far more glamorous than most)....and don't even get me started on the Chanel....

We celebrated with two of my fave things - Margaritas and Mexican food. Here I am playing with my food because a. I was drunk, and b. we ordered far too much!

Check out Stephi's blog here - and please join me in sending her all the Birthday love in the world xxx

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