Monday, 22 February 2010

No shows for the wicked!

Sadly there was no fashion fun for me today – duty called, and like a dog with a bone I went running. As I padded round the office barefoot in leggings and T (i.e. what I like to think of as my daytime pj’s) drinking copious amounts of anything caffeinated and stealing chocolate biccies off my friends desk I kept one eye on the catwalks through the power of tinternet. Here are my thoughts on LFW Day 4.

Now, this was a confused collection if ever I bumped into one. It started off with some rather nice, very wearable, Osman at his best black jersey dresses. A few looks in I was wondering whether he was going to pick up the baton from his SS10 collection which was all white, and do the all black thing this time. Sadly not though; all of a sudden the catwalk was awash with a strange dove grey and blue check. Then followed a bright coral, and shortly after a bright blue in the form of a strange pajama-esque set (and not in my leggings and T kind of way). There were also lots of loafers. Now, I don’t mind a loafer, but if we’re all gonna suffer trotting from one side of the city to the other, in the cold and rain in towering heels then I expect the models to do so too (and yes, I know I’m a big fat hypocrite because I chickened out and wore flats yesterday, but that’s not the point)! Somewhere in-between all of this there was a cute satin embellished dress, but it go lost somewhere in the sea of check and mohair. It was less of a collection, and more like a trip round H&M. If only he’d have stuck to the black.

Erdem was undoubtedly the golden ticket today – it was the show everyone wanted to go to, and the one everyone was raving about (always the way)! When the Editors returned to the office there was talk of near tears and breathless beauty….it seemed he’d hit the fashion nail on the head. Eagerly I searched for the first pictures to appear on-line, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. Blown away would probably be a more accurate description. As I clicked through the images I could feel my heart rate rise – like ripping open presents on your birthday, one after another after another, the painfully perfect, neat, precise little dresses kept appearing as if by magic. If I were rich – I’d buy the whole collection – 30 stand-out show-stopping outfits for every occasion – weddings, garden parties, birthdays, engagements – everything would be covered! Perfection.

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