Friday, 25 December 2009

“Is there anything Chanel can’t make fabulous?” (My good friend) Kim Ralph

…No my dear Kimmy, there really isn’t! Earmuffs are like sooooo two weeks ago. Right now it’s all about the sleeping mask, I mean it’s Christmas after all, I’m only gonna be eating and sleeping anyway (and sadly they don’t do cutlery or chocolate covered brazil nuts). This is obviously without a shadow of a doubt my absolute fave Christmas pressie this year, so thank you a million trillion Mr Stefan Claus! I just wish I could wear it out of the bedroom…I did trial it as a headband, but eventually had to admit I looked ridiculous…well it was more of a family ruling really – I kinda thought I was rocking it on the sofa. Anyway, confined to the bedroom it is - Silent nights indeed.

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