Sunday, 29 November 2009

If it’s good enough for The Hoff…

Yes ladies and gents, I too am big in the land of Lederhosen and motorways with no speed limit, as on Thursday I was the top story on Modepilot – Germany’s top Fashion blog. Now my German’s not brilliant (B at GCSE, really should have been an A, but I digress….), but I do know that the lovely Kathrin Bierling has said that I’m her New Favourite Blog! It’s all thanks to the massively talented and utterly fabulous Stefan Lindemann – Fashion Editor of German InStyle, and ex-Shopping Editor (a title I’d like die for) at Grazia (UK). Stefan was my first ever Fashion mentor, and taught me everything I know about Chanel and Dim Sum (i.e. Chanel has to be earned, and it’s almost impossible to eat Dim Sum if you keep Kosher). So, in honour of Stefan, Kathrin, and my legions of German fans here’s my top 5 German Fashion/ Style icons….

5. Hugo Boss - So, their involvement in the manufacture of Black uniforms for the Third Reich isn’t exactly ideal, but who hasn’t at some point (most probably in their teens, and as part of a Boots gift set) owned a Hugo Boss fragrance? On that basis alone I feel the mega-brand deserves 5th place in my German hall of fame.

4. Jil Sander – It’s not something that comes particularly naturally to me (ok – so I find it almost impossible –blame it on the big boobs), but Jil Sander is undoubtedly the Queen of Minimalism. If what you’re looking for is a brilliantly cut piece with like no bling and shit, then Jil’s ya lady.

3. When it comes to style icons very few people would argue that Marlene Dietrich is up there. Way way ahead of the game Marlene was doing the whole androgynous thing before anyone knew what it was, and famously said, "I dress for myself. Not for the image, not for the public, not for the fashion, not for men” – my kinda lady!

2. Diane Kruger – I mean, does she ever look bad?! I just have such a monumental style crush on her it’s not even funny. Kruger has a body to die for (she’s an ex-model, so fairs fair), and a wardrobe I’d kill for. In my eyes she always manages to walk the fine line between on-trend and fashion slave, and it always looks so god darn effortless. God – if I didn’t love her so much I’d hate her!

1. Storming in at 1st place is the one and only Karl Lagerfeld - in my opinion the best thing to come out of Germany since the Black Forest Gateau (and I can tell you that takes some beating). Captain of the good ship Chanel isn’t something that’s just given away, and I think if the fashion world is united in one thing (other than it’s love of stick-thin models and fur) then it’s that Lagerfeld is worthy of the crown. I’d always been a fan, but it was only after I saw that documentary film Lagerfeld Confidential (if you haven’t seen it yet – go do so) that the obsession began and I really came to realise and admire his genius. Even If Germany never again produces a Fashion designer the German fashion fraternity can forever rest smug in the knowledge that they gave the world Karl.


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