Monday, 12 October 2009

New boots: Part one and Part two

Part one

So – originally I was just going to show off my lovely new boots (top). They’re from Aldo (£100), and I got them just this afternoon. I have to admit I’m rather smitten. They were one of those naughty lunchtime purchases – you know, when you pop out for a tuna mayo baguette, and come back looking sheepish with a shopping bag half dragging behind you hoping no-one will notice. Anyway, not only did I not mean to buy anything, but boot-wise I was planning to get a pair of DM’s this season. To cut a long story short I tried a pair on (short, black patent), and looked like an Eastern European shot putter with one too many Goulash’s under her belt (I was aiming for Alice Dellal – look-wise that is) – even the sales assistant looked embarrassed for me. Then, in a world of confusion, despair and self-doubt I wondered into Aldo and found these beauties! Now, I know they look a little slutty - I admit they have the potential to be a bit Pussycat doll if worn the wrong way, but I promise I don’t own a hot pant or a pair of leather chaps, so I think we’re alright. In fact, with a black opaque they blend into the leg rather flatteringly, and what with their heel and studs I feel all Suzi Quatro, which can only be a good thing.

Part two

One of the girls in the office told me that my lovely new boots borrowed heavily from a pair of Marc Jacobs boots she has. Me being me I set off on a mission to track down my Aldo booties well-bread cousins (couldn’t find them btw if anyone can help?). Instead (and to my horror) I stumbled across possibly the least likely celebrity fashion line ever; Carlos by Carlos Santana. Oh yes – my Aldo boots bear a striking resemblance to a pair of Carlos by Carlos Santana boots (bottom) which I found on the American Elle website, eek! Now I like a bit of rock/salsa/jazz fusion guitar as much as the next gal, but why on earth anyone (even his mama) would want to wear footwear designed by the man I have no idea!

My only regret is that I wore the buggers home so there’s no chance of a refund. Now every time I wear them it will be to the soundtrack of ‘Smooth’ looping round my head – fan-bloody-tastic!

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