Wednesday, 7 October 2009


There were two women wearing berets on my bus this morning – neither of them well. Forget harem pants, berets are the single hardest item to wear. The woman sat opposite me in the red beret looked like a glace cherry topped bakewell, whilst the other, sporting a beige beret (yes, it was as bad as it sounds) looked like she had some sort of growth protruding from the side of her head! I’d hazard a guess that these were not the looks either were going for – i’d suspect it was chic, eek! Anyway, the fact is berets are not one of those items which you can just ‘throw on’. You can’t just toss it on your head and hope for the best....unless;
a. You’re continental
b. You're inherently stylish[1]

Other clothes to avoid unless you are of continental origin or inherently stylish are;
a. Loafers (also, don’t even think about it if you are under 5’ 7”)
b. Corduroy in any form

[1] Beret bus ladies were neither a. nor b.

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