Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hairy chest heaven!

Don't ask. There have been tree surgeons outside my house since the early hours, and just when I thought my head was about to explode I ended up listening to the ever-bopable sounds of the Bee Gees (via the Grease soundtrack) and stumbled (I promise I didn't actively seek it out) across this truly awesome image of the Bee Gees in their hay (or should that be hair *snigger*) day!  From a stylists point of view this is an utterly phenomenal image.  Can you imagine styling them and thinking, I know what will sell more records, if they get their ridiculously hairy, untamed, un-toned chests out – genius.  How times have changed.  Now it’s all shiny spray-tanned waxed torsos. Shame.  Also, the chest hair is so distracting I almost didn’t notice that they were wearing matching gold satin bombers and crouch-conscious trousers. So shiny. So inappropriate. So wonderfully of it's time. What a look.  What a tuuuuuune.  Happy Tuesday!

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