Friday, 1 April 2011

Dolce&Gabbana Dress Me Up London party

As anyone who follows me on twitter will know, last night I hit the Dolce&Gabbana Dress Me Up London party/ event, where 6 bloggers - Liberty London Girl (Sasha Wilkins), Bip Ling, Carrie Harwood, Maddison Rothery, Marian Kihogo and Lois Waller - took over Dolce&Gabbana Bond Street's windows and made them their own. While they were hard at work I busied myself: a. doing a fantasty Dolce&Gabbana shop/ imagining how well dressed I'd be if I were a rich gal; b. taking pictures; c. eating as many ridiculously delicious arancini as humanly possible; d. catching up with my lovely ex-housemate Julia. All in all a fantastic way to spend a Thursday evening!

Sasha Wilkins aka. Liberty London Girl contemplating her next move...

Marian Kihogo in full-on styling swing...

Bip Ling showing who wears the pants....

The Dolce&Gabbana store in an unusual state of disarray with clothes and bloggers strewn all over the place!

Bloggers blogging bloggers....

The real stars of the show - the to-die-for arancini!

And here are the finished windows...

Carrie Harwood

Sasha Wilkins

Bip Ling

Marian Kihogo

A close up of my fave window - Marian Kihogo's. Totes feeling the ghetto chic all white meets headscarves and serious bling!


  1. Great post - you write really well :) xxx

  2. The displays look lovely! It looks like you had a really fun night!

    xoxo Ava