Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Why should you never wear a Breton print top to Sketch….?

The party was for the launch of the Nokia X6 phone. The canapés were a vile pigeon in chocolate sauce (which ended up in a tissue, in the invite, in my bag, via my mouth), some ‘can’t believe we’re still canapé-ing like its 1999’ mini burgers, and strangely disorientating foie gras and gingerbread sandwiches. The ‘talent’ was slightly porky Jade ‘are you deffers sure that’s her’ Jagger, Lindsey ‘did we know she’s brunette?’ Lohan (who both hit-ish the decks), and Mathew ‘coked off his….’ Horne. There was much bad dancing to good music by girls and boys with media jobs who’d had too many vodkas for a Wednesday night. I drank a little, ate too much, watched a lot and got the N38 home….all in all not a bad school night out.

p.s. because that’s what the waiters wear!

Me and my friend Seb's very unflattering (because we're both obv's SO much more gorgeous than this, not) picture from the Nokia picture booth

My 'regurged' pigeon....sorry!

Jade Jagger watching La Lohan...never fail to be interested by the celeberarchy

La Lohan approaching the decks

In full pose-j-ing swing

Random Nokia pod loo's - too much sharing?

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