Thursday, 18 February 2010

Forget the high street....

Obviously I didn’t spend my whole time in Zambia sunbathing, eating mangos and drinking Mosi’s….I also managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and a couple of trips to the tailors. African prints are going to be massive this summer, so I thought I’d seize the opportunity to not only get the real deal, but also knock up some show-stopping, one off, Sisi G outfits…

Nell and Granny took me down to Lusaka to by my Chitenge’s. Here’s Nell looking rather impatient and pissed off as I dragged her into the millionth shop in the midday sun to umm and ahh and generally be very indecisive.

This is me proudly grasping my 4 meters of fabric C19 which was later to become THE best jumpsuit in the world EVER! I thought it had something of the Versace about it....fabulous!

This is the treasure trove, Aladdin’s cave of a Tailors which Nell’s cousin recommended. She was so good I’ve already asked her to make my wedding dress (obvs might need to actually find a man first – minor details though)

They have look books of pictures of Nigerian women at weddings – they range from the outstanding to the outrageous…sometimes in the same outfit! I trawled about 3 books before falling for this pattern.

Ta-da! Here I am happy as larry in my dream jumpsuit during a fitting. Perfection, non?

God – it all really made me long for good decent tailors in London. Just before I left I got the hem on my maxi dress taken up at the dry cleaners opposite work, and was charged a f-ing outrageous £18 for the pleasure! To have 1 jumpsuit, a skirt, top, short dress and maxi dress expertly tailored in Zambia only cost £40 though….what a bloody joke!

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